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Today it has ended up being more difficult to develop a brand-new Twitter account due to high competition - it is not that simple to bring in users' attention. Open any social media and count the variety of posts which contain images and descriptions of glamorous life. Individuals like to share enjoyable minutes to share their joy with others, however lately, it began to give the opposite effect. Let's look at how socials media affect our self-esteem and what to do about it.

Twitter and other social media networks help people feel gotten in touch with other people. About 90 percent of users state that they sign up on different social media networks to stay connected with people. Half say that they discover the news from the life of their good friends in this manner.

The fight for popularity

Using social networks to make pals turned into a battle for fame when getting a 'like' is all that matters and to be the most popular is the only deserving choice. As a result, social networks like Twitter, for example, are ending up being another place where individuals show not their lives however the appearance of life.

Such self-deception makes users of social networks continuously compare their social status with some higher requirements. As an outcome, their not-so-perfect life appears to have failed against the background of that beautiful life that others apparently live.

What to do with it?


As you understand well, your view of the life of another person might not correspond to the real photo at all. You do not require "Social media approval" to feel comfortable. In case you feel like you do, there are easy rules on how to end up being popular on any social network.

1. Submit the profile

Simply tell users about yourself. This assists people rapidly choose whether to subscribe to your updates.

2. Make the profile visible in the search

The majority of the brand-new Twitter followers are buddies of your pals. Nevertheless, some users find you through a search in the microblogging service or online search engine. For instance, people might look for specialists in their location of residence. Indicate in the profile where you live and what you do.

3. Use an attractive avatar

In an individual profile, it is best to utilize your close-up photo. It will be fantastic if you smile in the image. This creates the conditions for communication on a personal level. Companies might use the logo design. Avoid abstract pictures, images of celebrities, and animals.


4. Post routinely

These data were gotten during the study of Twitter accounts of companies. This also applies to individual Twitter profiles.

5. Post at the correct time

Twitter users reveal the highest activity around noon. They send out the lion's share of tweets during company hours: from 9 am to 6 pm.

6. Interact with new subscribers


When you have a brand-new follower, to call him any comfy method. You can view the user's profile and take an interest in his tweet.

7. Subscribe to other users

Twitter is a two-way street. The more users you follow, the more fans you get. This does not imply that you require to register for all profiles in a row. Contribute to the feed user accounts that you have an interest in.

8. Go Live

When you take part in any occasions, make sure to share your impressions with subscribers in genuine time. This will supply you with a substantial variety of retweets and new followers.

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